How We Rank Amazon Sellers

There are millions of sellers on the Amazon marketplace. Thus we find it interesting to discover the best performing ones.

Only Amazon knows sales figures for all sellers on the marketplace and estimating any individual seller’s sales is complex. However, each seller on the marketplace receives seller feedback reviews from customers after a purchase, and this can be used to approximate the relative growth or decline in sales of a given seller.

Providing feedback is optional for customers, and the percentage of customers who leave a seller review is anywhere in the range of 5–25%. The ratio varies widely between sellers, and is influenced by product pricing, category, and changes Amazon makes to their website interface.

Seller rank is based on the number of positive reviews received during the last 30 days.

An arrow pointing up indicates that the rank has increased from last month, while an arrow pointing down means the seller has dropped in rank. A horizontal line means there was no change in rank.